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Confusing road signs

Posted on Sep 4, 2015 by in Blogs | 0 comments

Is it just me… or are the new dutch road signs confusing?


The dutch governmentnewsigns500 introduced some new road signs this week. Starting with signs on the highways in the south of the Netherlands.

I myself find them rather confusing. I am always afraid that it is just me. But in this case there are more people having problems understanding them.

The sign in the upper left corner is pretty straight forward. Trucks are not allowed to drive on the left lane. It is not entirely clear to me if that also includes the middle lane(s), if there are more than 2 lanes.

The sign in the upper right corner probably means that cars are not allowed to drive backwards on the right lane. But what about the left lane then?

I think the road sign in the lower left corner means that trucks must drive to the left of cars. Does this also mean that cars are allowed to overtake while driving on the right lane?*

The last one is the hardest to interpret. Is everything forbidden? Even driving? Or smoking? Or does it mean the opposite? Can you do anything you normally are not allowed to do? Well that would be something! 🙂

I have not yet figured it out. Do you have any idea?


*In the Netherlands you are not allowed to overtake a vehicle when driving on the right lane.

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