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Download the game rules of Cities

Cities is not a difficult game. The game rules have been structured in such a way that most people will have no difficulty in playing the game.

For people not used to reading game rules a quick start has been included in the game box.


To open the game rules you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.



No jumping | Would you like to play Cities on a more strategic level? Then you should use this variant.

Adjusted rule: It is not allowed to carry out action 3b. This means tourists are not allowed to jump.

A tourist that is already standing on a tile can not be moved to the last played tile, unless the last played tile borders directly on the field the tourist stands on. In that case you can use action 3c.

Free variant | Not bound to 4x4 tiles.

Adjusted rule: You are not restricted to the city limits of the maximum width and height of the city. You can build your city in any form you like. It can even contain ‘holes’.

Of course the city will still consist of 16 tiles in the end.

Be aware: This variant makes it more difficult to play Cities, because you have more opportunities in placing your tiles. The game can also last a little longer.

Just one more | Place a 17th tile.

Adjusted rule: After playing 16 tiles, 1 more extra tile is drawn. This extra tile however must be placed on top of one or more tiles already lying at the table.

The tile can be placed on fields with a tourist on it, but all affected tourists have to be removed from their fields and put back in stock.

After placing the tile, every player can move or place a tourist according to the normal rules.

Players are not obliged to place the extra tile. If they do not place the tile, they can still move or place a tourist.

With thanks to Nicoline who put me on track of this variant.

By the way: you can play all variants at every level of playing.



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