Object of the game:
Build large zones of parks and attractions.
Place tourists in the zones to score the points.

How to play this game:
1-Click on a white space on the board to place the tile
2-After this: Click on an arrow (left) to rotate the tile
3-Click on the continue-button
4-Start again with step 1

When you have placed 4 tiles on the board, you can place 1 tourist on the last played tile
-If you want to do this click on the tourists left
-Then click on one of the fields of the last played tile

From now on you can place 1 tourist each round.
To play again: Click on the refresh-button of your browser.
Have fun!

Examples scoring:
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3

Complete game rules can be downloaded here

Be aware: This online version of Cities differs from the board game.
When playing the board game:
- You can move a tourist that has already been placed on a tile to another tile.
- The tiles have a lot more illustrations.

Programming: J. de Jong
2008: Martyn F