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Number of players 1-2* Player Age 8+ Duration 20 min.

* Every other game of Limes you have, makes it possible to play with 2 extra people.

Board game for lots of players

Play with as many people as you like!

A box of Limes contains enough cards and meeples to play with two players.

When you buy more games, you can play with more people.

The game doesn’t slow down, because all players play simultaneously.



Build your own Roman province.

You build your own Roman province and try to make it as safe as possible. But you must also take care of enough crops and food. And don’t forget to chop enough wood to repair houses and boats.

You try to make your grain fields as large as possible. Have your woodsmen and fishermen deliver wood and fish to as many homes as possible. Meanwhile your watchmen keep an eye on the land.

The Dilemma

However… you never know exactly which card will be drawn next. Will you wait another round for the perfect card? Or will you adjust your planning? Limes is the game where YOU decide. You place every card. You place every Roman. To win you need a plan. And change it again. And maybe again.



Find out if this game fits your taste

Puzzling: 7

Planning: 8

Chance: 5

Interaction: 3

Communication: 4

Scores based on a scale from 1-10.


Playing level: 5

Playing level according to this scale: 1=Game of Goose, 3=Category 5/6 Nimmt, 5=Carcassonne, 6=Settlers of Catan, 8=Puerto Rico



Publishers, Illustrators, Purchase, Awards

Abacus Spiele

Publisher: Abacus Spiele.

Illustrator: Claus Stephan.

Availability: Available in webshops and stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Award: International Gamers Awards 2014. Category: 2-player games.

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