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Extra scenarios

New and exciting scenarios!

Wadi comes with 4 different scenarios. Extra scenarios can be found here. Hopefully they give you new ideas. Enjoy!

You can download all the scenarios below in one PDF-file or one at a time:

Wadi al Mabraq (Saudi Arabia) – added in March 2009


Wadi al Masilah (Yemen) – added in March 2009


Wadi Thamit (Libya) – added in February 2009


Wadi Jedi (Algeria) – added in June 2008


Wadi Al Mujib (Jordan) – added in June 2008


Wadi O’Clock (Phant-Asia) – added in May 2008


Wadi Bahta (Chad) – added in May 2008


Wadi El Kebir or Guad al Quivir (Spain)


Wadi Quragyah (Egypt)


Wadi Tafna (Algeria)


Wadi al Malik (Sudan)


The same scenario, but then a little bit easier.


Your own scenario

Have fun! | Build your own scenario.

You can always play Wadi with the scenarios included in the game rules. But it also makes fun to build your own scenario. Here are some tips on how to do this:

– Try to avoid many or long stretches of land of only 1 land tile wide. This makes the game a little boring, because it is more difficult to profit from the actions of others.

– Be aware that your scenario does not have (too many) ‘dead’ areas of only 1, 2 or 3 land tiles. It is not very interesting to build your shadoof in an area like this.

– A very long riverbed can make the game last longer. It might also lead to a boring game. Very short riverbeds shorten the game.

– The more extreme your scenario, the more it might influence game play (in a negative way).

– A river bed with only 1 endpoint makes the game more difficult than a scenario with 2 or more endpoints. The first kind of scenario might lead to less possibilities to pump water pawns out of the wadi towards the end of the game.

– The number of water pawns that is placed on the starting points of the wadi should roughly match the number of land tiles the river arm ‘feeds’. If 1 river arm has to ‘feed’ a lot of land tiles, you should put more water pawns at its starting point.

– When you build a scenario for beginners, make sure the water pawns are spread across the board. Best is to have 3 starting points, lying far away from each other.

– In a 4-player scenario it makes more fun (and it is also fairer), if each player has the possibility to build his shadoof bordering to a starting point of the wadi. You can achieve this by building a wadi with at least 3 river arms. Or you can use two riverarms, starting far away from each other (not in a corner).

– When two riverarms meet, pay attention to the following. When the river arms are NOT equal in length, the water pawns will not come together, but stream down the river bed apart from each other. If, however, the river arms are equal in length, the water pawns will come together and flow downstream as one pile. This last event could make the game play less interesting, because the pumping possibilities will decrease.



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