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Game rules

Download the game rules of wadi

Wadi is not a difficult game. The game rules have been structured in such a way that most people will have no difficulty in playing the game.

Have you already bought Wadi? The new game rules (Version October 2009) make Wadi easier to learn and bring more fun for advanced players.

The demo game shows you how Wadi is played. This can be very helpful, if there is anything you do not understand.


To open the game rules you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.



Without building rule B | Only for those who still play by the original rules.

Be aware: This variant only applies to players who are in possession of the original game rules (2007). If you have downloaded the new game rules of Wadi (available since October 2009), just play the advanced rules with the Spreading rule.

For those who do not like Building rule B: Wadi can be played without using building rule B.

However, I recommend to do this only when playing with experienced players because towards the end of the game, some of the players might end up not being able to pump water from the wadi. This risk is even bigger, when combined with the pro variant.

If you want to take it easy, download the new game rules and play without the Spreading rule.

Pro variant | Build 2 shadoofs in 1 turn.

Adjusted rule: It is allowed to build 2 shadoofs in 1 turn (after these two actions the turn is over, of course).

This rule works best if it is being used by people who already know the game.

Be aware: This variant is even more strategic in combination with Wadi – The Watchmen.



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