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Photo Martyn FLooking back on my life, I now realise, that there were always two parts of me. One part that perfectly fit in with the normal life of family, friends, neighbourhood and society. And another part completely outside of it. What do you do when there is a pattern that seems to fit you? Why choose another path than the one laid down for you?

Well, I behaved like I was expected to behave. I went to school, university, met a girl, fell in love, got a job. But I wasn’t always happy with those things (except for the girlfriend and the love). I knew life wasn’t perfect. But I never expected it to be. As long as I could be creative I was never bored. I love learning new things and have always been a self-taught man. But again and again it happend, that the study or the job I liked became boring after one or two years.

And so it took me about 20 years to find a life that really belonged to me. At some point the pieces of jigsaw started falling at their place. I found out what I’m really good at. And, much more important, what I want and really like to do.

And what I want is to use my creativity. I would like to give wings to at least a small part of the massive amount of ideas I have. There are so many things I would like to try. So many experiments to conduct. So many roads to be explored.



The inspiration for my art, games and stories comes from the world around me. I don’t live in a constant state of wonder. But I am often surprised by the things I see or that happen to me or to other people.

I wonder why we wage wars, why there are so many religions, why we pollute the environment. And that there is no possibilty not to participate in all these things.

But I am also surprised by small things. I wonder what message the ant has, that is climbing up along the front door of my house. How it is possible that babies, no matter how small, can communicate with us. Why two of my (former) colleagues both tell each other the exact same thing and still don’t agree with each other.  And why my neighbours put a lot of effort in keeping away plants that spontaneously grow in their garden (and that are really beautiful). Or why friends who have kids seem to care less about the survival of our planet than friends who don’t.

All these small and big things influence my work. Although that may not always be the first you would notice.



I have liked to play Brettspiels since I was a kid. In 1999 I developed the first Brettspiel of my own. In the years thereafter a lot of games followed.
Like every author, I try to bring you renewing designs and innovative mechanisms. But for me, that is not the most important thing. I want to develop nice, adventurous games. Exciting or hilaric. And once in a while a game where you can really cross one another.

In short, I want you to amuse yourself, when you play one of my games.

I have a broad taste regarding Brettspiels. I love to play abstract games, but I also like good themed games. Board games with only a few rules are my favourite. Nevertheless I also like more complex games with two or more hours playing time. You can see on Boardgamegeek what games I like and play.



I have always like abstract and minimalistic art. At school I didn’t much appreciate the hours spent on drawing or handicraft. But that might have to do with the assignments. I seldom liked them.

Later I discovered I was pretty deft at working with my hands. I started making my own furniture and clocks from wood. And when we couldn’t find anything suitable to hang on the wall, I started painting myself. And those works grew into the collection you find on this site.


I really hope you enjoy your visit on my site. And even if you don’t: always remember you have only one life to do all the things you want to do.

Martyn F