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It all started with Scotland Yard

Posted by on 8:54 am in Blogs | Comments Off on It all started with Scotland Yard

It all started with Scotland Yard   My gaming career started around this time of year when I was eleven years old. I cannot recall how I found out about Scotland Yard, but somehow the gift shop in my little town had a copy of the game and I had enough savings to buy it. There was one little problem though. How should I explain purchasing this game to my parents? Because I did not want to ask for their permission. It was only a few days before Sinterklaas (a kind of Santa Claus), whhich meant my brothers and I would be getting a lot of other...

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A dream of a game – Oklahoma Boomers

Posted by on 6:59 pm in Blogs | Comments Off on A dream of a game – Oklahoma Boomers

The dream I remember dreaming about playing Oklahoma Boomers. Well, to be completely honest, I do not remember dreaming about it at all. But I do remember that I woke up and found this note that I had scribbled down in the dark. Hardly comprehensible, because my handwriting is not very good and gets even worse when I can’t see what I write. Somehow I was able to make out it what it said though. But the real surprise was, that it seemed to be an interesting game idea. Most of the times the games that I play in my dreams are good, really...

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