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I am also a game author


You have developed a good game. Now you want your game to be published. To help you, a few tips:

– The most important tip. Do NOT send your game to me or Emma Games. I can’t help you publish your game.

– You will not earn very much from your game. Publishers will pay you a mere 2-3% of the selling price. This seems almost nothing. Yet it is still a lot better than producing a game yourself and losing money on it.

– Solitary and alone. Play your game alone. Play as long as you need, to get a playing mechanism that functions really well. Only then should you  “trouble” other people with your game.

– Test it, test it and test it again. Before you write to a publisher, you should test your game with as many people as possible. Use testforms and have players fill them in, after playing the game. Examples can be found in the book ‘Leitfaden für Spieleerfinder’ from Tom Werneck.

– Do not send your game to a publisher without contacting them first. Inform yourself about their programme and try to find out if your game fits in it. Only then contact the publisher. They will ask you to send the game if they want to test it. Visit the Game Designer Meeting in Göttingen to present your game to a lot of publishers.

– Be patient. Developing games takes a lot of time. Developing good games takes even more time.

– Be more patient. Sometimes it might take as much as half a year, before you hear again from the publisher. That can be frustrating. I know this from my own experience. But there is hardly anything you can do about it. Alternative: Apply for a games contest. There is one in Göttingen each year, for example.

– More info can be found at: Spieleautorenseite, Spiel & Autor and SAZ (all in German).

I wish you good luck. Enjoy designing!


Martyn F


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