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limes coverAvailable in webshops and stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: My new board game Limes.

Limes (pronounce: lee-mez) takes you back to the time of the Romans. You build your own little province using the exact same cards as all the other players. You decide for yourself how and where to place them.

While building your province you also place Roman citizens on the cards. They watch over the land, harvest the grain, chop wood and deliver fish.

After about 20 minutes you compare your province with that of other players. Maybe your score isn’t the highest, but of course your province is still the best! 🙂


Limes has WON the International Gamers Awards 2014!!!

In the category: 2-Player games.

logo Award


Limes a few words:
– Planning and flexibility.
– Tactical choices.
– Easy game rules.
– Extra games bring extra players.


Limes box


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