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Number of players 2-4 Player Age 8+ Duration 45-60 min.


You are the boss of a consultancy firm.

A small firm with a limited number of consultants.

You try to detach your consultants to the most lucrative projects. Especially the last phases of a project are rewarding.

The Dilemma

However…you can not skip any phase in a project. And if a project is not finished before its deadline? Well, that means minus points. You could finish the project, but that would mean you would lose at least one of your consultants. So maybe you should train or move another consultant. Or will you take the risk and pass for the rest of this round? Not easy choice, eh?



Find out if this game fits your taste

Interaction: 8

Planning: 6

Chance: 5 (can be lessened by using extra rules)

Scores based on a scale from 1-10.


Playing level: 5 (or 6 when playing with the extra rules)

Playing level according to this scale: 1=Game of Goose, 3=Category 5/6 Nimmt, 5=Carcassonne, 6=Settlers of Catan, 8=Puerto Rico



Publishers, Illustrators, Purchase

Publishers: Ciber and Martyn F.

Illustrator: Hans Janssen

Availability: Not sold in shops. Only a few (of the 500) games left. Contact me if you’d like to purchase one.


IT's all in the game - card and pawn


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