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Questions about Limes

Who wins in case of a tie?

From the game rules: In case of a tie, the player with the best worker wins, i.e., the worker who has scored the most victory points.

If the number of victory points is the same here as well, players compare the number of victory points for the second best worker, and so on.


How does the woodcutter exactly work?

To explain the woodcutter in more detail I have created a pdf file with an extra example.

I hope the Woodcutter poses no problems for you anymore after you have seen this document!


Can Limes be played by colour blind people?

Yes, most colour blind people will be able to play Limes. The cards have distinctive colours: yellow, gray, blue and green. If you are having a problem distinguishing between these colours the illustrations on the tiles will help you.



Reviews and reactions

– Maggibot at Boardgamegeek (#32 in her top 100). Quote: “It’s always a hit.”

– Cookie Monster at Boardgamegeek. Quote: “I loved this one! It plays fast, makes my brain hurt just enough, and I love the excitement of each card reveal (..).”

– Tadzi at Boardgamegeek. Quote: “Limes has great variability.”


Reviews in other languages

– Fabio Lima on BGG (Portugese).

– Chrischo at BGG (German).

Brettspielbox. Quote: “Attraktiv ist sicherlich das ansprechende Design und das äußerst schnelle Spiel.”

– Carlos Abrunhosa at JogoEu. Quote: “Limes é um jogo intergeracional pois pode jogar-se com qualquer tipo de público (..).”

– Brakus auf Board game geek. Quote: “Attraktiv ist sicherlich das ansprechende Design und das äußerst schnelle Spiel.” – Photos at

– Ralda at E&E’s Spellenmolen. Quote: “Uiteindelijke maken beide spelers altijd heel andere provincies met dezelfde kaarten, fascinerend.”

– Oliver Sack at Quote: “(..) die Solo-Variante, die hat uns so richtig gepackt.”


English reactions

– David McLeod at Board game geek. Quote: “Great to see Cities get a new treatment. Limes goes straight to the wantlist!”

– RUSH May 28th 2013 at Board game geek. Quote: “Very pleased to see Martyn F is back (..). It’s a top game (..).”

– Pizzeria Ludica at Board game geek. Quote: “I’m very much looking forward to Limes as well — I love Cities! (..)”

– Sebastian Heer at Board game geek. Quote: “(..) go and check it out”


limes cover


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