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Number of players 2 Player Age 12+ Duration 20-30 min.



I claim this homestead to be mine!

Oklahoma Boomers takes you back to the United States of the 19th century.

In 1889 the Land Run of Oklahoma takes place, causing thousands of people (nowadays called Boomers) to claim a piece of land (homestead) on the prairie. New cities appear out of nowhere. Cooking fires illuminate the once dark land.

The men and women that managed to claim a homestead, start to improve their land immediately. They dig wells or start logging trees for their new homes or fences. There will be many hardships ahead, but spirits are high.

Some people, however, disagree over who settled where first. And where exactly are the borders of these homesteads?

In the game you have three boomers. They need a homestead for their family and you try to push the boundaries of these homesteads as far out as possible. The player that manages to claim the largest part of the game board wins the game.



Secure the largest homesteads!

Each player possesses 3 Boomers. Each turn you must move one of them.

After this, you can use this boomer and one from the opponent to place cornerstones on the game board. You try to place them in such a way that they lessen the freedom of movement of your opponent’s boomers.

The Dilemma

However… these cornerstones influence the freedom of movement of your own boomers just as well.

After only a few turns, the first borders of the homesteads (formed by the cornerstones) are already visible. But exactly how large will these homesteads become? And whose boomer will own it?

Oklahoma Boomers is a game with few rules, but great depth. Every game can bring new insights. Luckily, Oklahoma Boomers doesn’t take long to play. And new insights can be implemented right away.



Find out if this game fits your taste

Strategy: 9

Tactics: 7

Chance: 2

Interaction: 8

Scores based on a scale from 1-10.


Playing level: 6

Playing level according to this scale: 1=Game of Goose, 3=Category 5/6 Nimmt, 5=Carcassonne, 6=Settlers of Catan, 8=Puerto Rico



Publishers, Illustrator, Crowdfunding, Availability

Publishers: Emma Games in cooperation with Mücke Spiele

Illustrator: Hans Krill

Crowdfunding: This game has been crowdfunded via Spieleschmiede and Giochistarter.

Availability board game: Available in (web)shops in Holland and Germany and directly via Mücke Spiele.

Availability expansions: You can order the expansions directly from me using the contact form or from Mücke Spiele.


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