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Questions about Oklahoma Boomers

Can Oklahoma Boomers be played by colour blind people?

Yes, most colour blind people will be able to play Limes. The meeples have distinctive colours: yellow and purple. If you are having a problem distinguishing between these colours you can place one kind of meeples flat on the game board.



Reviews and reactions

Dice Tower – Tom Vasel. Quote: “I am very impressed with it.”

Win the Games Journal. Quote: “The more often you play the more tactical finesses and options become clear in this fantastic game for two!”


English reactions

Arthur Reilly at Boardgamegeek. Quote: “(..) amazing game.”

Michiel Hillenius at Boardgamegeek. Quote: “(..) a new mechanism that I have not seen before in another game.”

David Willson at Boardgamegeek. Quote: “Requires a lot more thought than you would first give it credit for!”


Oklahoma Boomers cover


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