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Game rules

Download the game rules of Wadi - The Watchmen

Game rules Wadi - The WatchmenWadi – The Watchmen adds a few rules to Wadi.

Players already familiar with Wadi, will have no problem understanding the game rules.


To open the game rules you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.


The Fork

Let's split up this river! | Wadi - The Watchmen contains The Fork.

The riverbed of Wadi mostly consists of two to four river arms. Often one or more of these arms come together into one arm.

With Wadi – The Fork the opposite is also possible! Splitting up one river arm in two. One half of the water goes to the right, the other half to the left.

Wadi – The Fork consists of a plexiglas tile and a sticker with an arrow on it. Paste the sticker on the plexiglas tile with the arrow pointing to a corner.

Build a scenario with one river arm splitting up in two arms. Place The Fork on the wadi tile where the river arm splits up.

If, at the end of the round, there are water pawns lying on The Fork, move them in this way: Half of the water pawns go to the left wadi tile. The other half goes to the other wadi tile. If there is an uneven number of water pawns, the remaining water pawn flows into the direction of the arrow.

Wadi – The Fork is being sold together with Wadi – The Watchmen.


Before moving the water pawns:

Before moving the water

After moving the waterpawns:

Before moving the water


example with The Fork


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